Are there additional costs?

Additional costs are dependent on upgrades from one purchased program to another.

Is Support Included?

Support is included according to the terms of the Service of Agreement. Regular progress reports are provided as updates on the improvements in ranking of your website. We also advise you as to noteworthy results of our marketing efforts to build your business brand.

How to set up the theme?

We set up your theme for you. This service includes downloading it from the theme marketplace and uploading it to your hosting account where we will unpack it and install it to be utilized for the creation of your website.

We always recommend that you choose to purchase a quality theme, rather than rely on a free theme or template, which is usually not tested and is likely of inferior quality.

What about Refunds?

Unfortunately we do not provide refunds or credits. This stipulation is due to our being boutique agency.

Can I change Plans or cancel at any time?

You may be able to upgrade from individual services to the bundle of services offered in the Online Max Package, depending on the term of your campaign and based on how long your campaign been operating.

You may be able to upgrade from a lower level web design plan to an more enriched one, based on the work completed and with approval from our management team.

FAQ didnt solve your problem?

Here are several ways to contact us:

By Phone: 289-597-3093

E-mail: win@brandwon.com

Need Support?

Please notify us as to the specific details of your inquiry.

Be sure to provide with access particulars to work on your website and to grant us full permissions to consult with your hosting provider.

Check Forum

We may post articles here from various Developers.

How can we assist you?

IPlease provide us with as much information as possible.

When will my issue be resolved?

NWhile we strive to resolve all customer issues quickly, we can only answer inquiries according to the order in which they are received.

Will I be notified as to additional costs?

FUnless, in case of emergency, we will notify you before we start additional work on your existing project and advise you as to extra fees.

What if your company cannot resolve my issue?

OWe regularly work with Developers and digital marketing firms. If there is an issue that we cannot resolve directly we can outsource to one of our industry partners. You will be advised before we outsource any work on your project and we will request and receive your permission before sharing any confidential details.

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